Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
— William Morris

About Me

Christy Randall, Owner

Christy Randall, Owner

This should be easy, since I am living my dream through PIQ Creative Living.

So how did PIQ Creative Living begin?

I always envisioned myself in some type of decorating career.  When it became time to choose my path I decided to go to college for business.  Why?  I saw my parents running a very successful business.  After a few years going to University of Cincinnati I decided to go to work in my parents business. I felt that was where my career path should go.  It was what I believed I really wanted to do.

Thirteen years later, I left that career path and went back to school to finish getting my Bachelors of Arts in Business.  Throughout the next 13 years, I worked for many types of businesses, but I knew that one day I would start my own business, doing what I enjoy most.  

So how did I realize what that direction was going to be?  I loved finding great deals on quality household items and then using them in my home. I started helping my friends in the process as well. Not just finding and purchasing items, but actually giving them decorating ideas for their homes. They loved it and so did I!  One item can make that difference in a room. 

One day it dawned on me that I really loved helping people add something to a room that could make a HUGE difference.  There are so many types of unique home items that I could find that didn't have to be expensive but made a difference.  My passion has been finding these items for myself and now into helping others find items they are passionate about that can put a smile on their face like it did mine. Then I went a little further in these past 2 years with offering Interior Design Consultations. This allows me to help in so many ways to make your home you. Now I have recently added another service to my portfolio with home staging. When selling a home you go through many frustrations showing the value in your home. I offer consultations on furnished homes or vacant.


Your home is part of you in so many ways.  Expressing yourself through your home can be a joyful experience.  It isn't about what others like - it is about what you like.  Create each room in your home to express yourself.  I offer those home items that help you connect with your feelings and passion when you are home enjoying yourself and family.  My hope is that the home furnishings I offer allow you to feel something special.  Let me help you put Passion, Integrity & Quality in your everyday living at home.


I've always felt you didn't have to spend a bunch of money to get what you want, you just had to be willing to look for it. I also realized that maybe someone else had a home furnishing that they no longer needed. Now it was someone else's turn to use it.  I discovered that I could find used items that can be just as good as new.  As a shopper, I have always been about getting a sale and I loved the search for it. Now I bring those great savings and value to my customers.


I find items that are new, gently used and refurbished and help my customers repurpose and use in their homes. My goal is to be the place where people can find one-of-a-kind household items at a great deal but still get a quality product. I help my customers realize - you don't have to spend tons of money to find these kind of items.  I enjoy finding them for you and seeing the smile I can put on your face.