Alexander's Market-Deli

Alexander's Market-Deli


Project:  Alexander’s Market-Deli

160 High Street

Hamilton, Ohio 45011


This is for the entire project.



2-red metal tables and 8 white chairs


2-white metal normal height tables

8- white metal chairs with wood seats

2- silver high top tables and 8- white metal 30” height stools with wood seats.

I was trying to break this up some and then I decided to go more basic then mixing up and doing one white and one white silver low top tables and then one white and one silver high top tables.  I just didn’t want it to be overwhelming.  I was thinking more on the simple side and having the industrial/retro look will go the best.  Especially when you decide to add more later.  Then we can go a little crazy if you decide to do a little sitting area on the other end with some neat accent chairs. 


This price includes deliver and all items will be put together as well.

$1,945.00 plus tax $2,071.43


I tried my best with keeping costs down but wasn’t having the best of luck with vendors.  Please let me know how you would like to proceed.

Thank you for giving me this great opportunity.


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